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      There was once a time in our country when the "N-WORD" was used openly and no one,at least most white people, felt that it was inappropriate.  This was because the status of black people in this country was seen as second-class.  Not being allowed to live where
they want to, eat where they wanted to, or even drink from the same water fountain.
      Thank God, that black people do not face that kind of racism today. Yet, for Native Americans, racism has not changed.  Today, even in a country where most may feel that racism
is something that we have conquered, or at least controlled to a degree, still Native Americans are still confronted with racism, practically every day in the media. 
     Where the racist and derogatory offensive and insulting slang word "REDSKIN"  is used openly across our airwaves.  Many of us may jokingly say that sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me.  Yet, we all know that words can hurt, sometimes more than stones. 
     This is why we, as Americans, put a stop to black people being called the "N_WORD" and other stupid racist slang.  We no longer allow the "N_WORD" to be used in the media broadcasting racism
across our country.
      I say unto you, no one man is the problem.  The problem is us, we who allow this outright racism in our society, while we conveniently look the other way, as we used to do in the past with the racist "N_WORD".
      When black people were not allowed to sit at Woolworth lunch counter.  They were spitted upon and called this racist "N_WORD" that only some may consider it honorable and that they should be proud to be called it.  When black people were beaten and lynched in this country to prevent them from getting an education, or the right to vote, we looked away too long, before we finally stood up and did something about it. 
     We as Americans must put an end to all blatant racism in this country, today, not tomorrow.  We must stand up and be the voice of the Native Americans, the very first Americans of our country, for this racism must not be ignored.  We as Americans can no longer ignore or act like that they are not offended when we have all seen them speak out against this racist name.
     Did Martin Luther King teach us anything, those of us who lived through civil rights in the country, the violence and racist killing, did we not learn anything from all of that.  If we did learn anything, we should have learned that when one American is discriminated against we all are discriminated against.  For we are America, a country  where all is for one and one is for all. 
      We must stop this racism against Native Americans just like
we fought and marched to stop racism against black people.  We are all one and the same, no matter white, black, Jew, Gentile,male or female, we are America. 
     We are America and as Americans, we cannot sit idly by while this type of racism is spread through the media across our country.  Just like we put an end to the "N_WORD" being broadcast throughout our country through the media.  It is time for us to put an end the the racist "REDSKIN" word being broadcast across America.
     You may feel that you can't change the world, but each of us can change a small part of it and together, yes we can change the world.  Make a difference write the President and Congress.  Tell the President to use the power of the FCC in order to stop this racist word, just like they did the N-word!
     Write your local television stations, newspapers and radio stations and those companies that sponsor this team  and tell them to STOP SPREADING RACISM IN OUR COUNTRY.  

          Racism is Racism no matter what color it is!
    Would you call one of your black friends or co-worker the N-word on live tv?  Yet, you and your co-workers use the racist derogatory R-word and you do not see anything wrong with it.
         No one cares how Snyder feels about Native Americans or how Paula Dean feels about black people, but should the media be allowed to continue spreading racist derogatory names on the air.  If the media does not blast the racist N- word on the airways then why do they do it with the racist R-word. 
         You may think that you are not offending someone when you use it, just like a Southerner may not think it is wrong to use the N-word when referring to black people.  Yet the N-word is hurtful to black people just like the R-word is hurtful to Native Americans.
         Just because these people are a smaller minority and do not have Jesse Jackson or Rev. Al supporting them, you see nothing wrong with using racist words against them.  Due to so many of them being killed off when their land was taken, you see nothing wrong with using racist slurs against the poor defenseless people due to their small size. 
    I am sure that just like me, you feel that all people should be treated equal and if your television station does not allow racist derogatory names against black people than it should also not allow racist derogatory names against any minorities.
    If you think that it is silly for Native Americans to get upset over a silly name then the next time you get ready to use the R-word in the media, use the N-word instead and then maybe you will understand how they feel?
    I am so proud to see my fellow Americans in the South and of the Republican Party standing up against racism by asking that the Confederate flag be removed from the state capitol.  I am glad to see that many stores and businesses are pulling these flags off their shelves.  I only wish that they understood not only black racism, but Native American racism as well.
    Football season will soon be starting and all over America, the racist “REDSKIN” word will be broadcast from coast to coast in this country.  Not due to just one man named Dan Snyder, but due to many corporations and businesses who will promote this racist “REDSKIN” word by sponsoring this team.
    Many do not know how this name came about. It has nothing to do with the color of someone.  For most people have not even seen a Native American, but I assure you they are not red.  The name “REDSKIN” came about when the government paid people a bounty to hunt down and massacre Native Americans.
    Instead of having to bring in the entire body, they allow people to just bring in the bloody red scalp of each Native American, including women and innocent children and they would pay them their bounty.  The church people was offended, not by the murdering of Native Americans, but the name bloody red scalp.  For a scalp refer to the top of a human being’s head and since they did not see these people as humans, but only as animals, the same way they viewed black people, they said it was wrong to use the name scalp.
    They then suggested that just like all other animals who are killed and skinned like rabbits, deer, beavers, etc.   They decided that they would use a name more common to the dead skin of an animal.  So just like the dead carcass of an animal as refer to as rabbit skin, deerskin, beaver skin, etc.  They came up with the word “REDSKIN” to be used in place of bloody red scalp of a dead murdered Native American.
    Every football season Native Americans and all Americans must be reminded of the terrible past that these people suffered as they were killed off like animals, and put on reservations, as their land was taken from them.  People like Dan Snyder and especially those sponsors of his, feel that it is honorable to bring up this tragic past every football season.  Like the confederate flag is honorable to remain us of how we treated black people in the country as animals that we enslaved.
    I am glad that people are finally realizing how black people feel when they see the Confederate flag that reminds them of their tragic past.  I hope one day, they will understand how Native Americans feel every football season when this name is not flown over a single state capital building, but broadcast all over our land. 
    Native Americans are a small minority due to the slaughtering of them when their land was taken.  However, one day I hope that not only larger minorities, but all Americans will wake up and put an end to this tragic reminder of the past, as we are trying to do for black people with the removal of the Confederate flag.  America it is way past time for us, to CHANGE THE NAME!

                                        Dear Mr. Snyder
    Shakespeare in a play once wrote " What's in a name? that which we call a rose  By any other name would smell as sweet".
    Names mean many things to many people.  A name
    that you can trust, a name that stands for something
    that everyone recognize, a name that stands for
    something more than just a few simple letters. 
    A name that wholly represent the true meaning of
    what something means to you.  I feel, as you, that
    names are very important.  Yet, I must ask you , is it
    truly the name that makes a man, or the man who
    makes the name.  Is it the uniform that a soldier
    wears into battle that decides if he will be victorious or is it the soldier in that uniform who will decide
    defeat or victory.
    A name is important for it describes and represents  
    who we are.  Yet, a John Kennedy, a Martin Luther
    King, a Christopher Columbus, or aDan Snyder, did not   attain fame due to their names, but only due to the greatness that they posses.
    This why I am writing to you, to let you know that I and otherscan understand how strongly you feel about the name, but we also understand that what one sees in a name,  another may view it totally differently. 
    To a great grandchild who family fought on the southern side of the Civil War, the Confederate flag may seems very honorable.  Yet, for one who family
    fought and died on the other side, or who descendants were slaves, we must realize that this flag to them does not represent the same thing.
      You may honestly believe that people are not offended, yet I say to you, if that was so, then why are we having all of this controversy.  As hard as it may be to believe, there were some slave owners, like Thomas Jefferson, who thought that their slaves didn't mind slavery even when Frederick Douglas and other Anti-Slavery abolitionists spoke out against it. 
    There was a time in this country when some of us saw nothing wrong with Jim Crow and if we had taken a poll back in 1950, due to fear and discrimination, I am sure that it may of shown that black people too wanted segregation, sitting on the back of the bus, not being allowed to drink from water fountains or go to separate but not equal schools.
    What I am trying to say to you is simply this.  What a wise Native American once said, you may have known me for many years, but you can never know me unless you have walked a mile in my moccasins. 
    As black people today would say, it's a black thing, you wouldn't understand.

     The truth is, if you are not Black or Native American, then you don't understand.  Cause to understand how I feel or how things upset me, you
     can only do that if you are me.
    Does a father's love for his daughter changes once she is married and acquire a different last name.  Is she still not his daughter that he will love, protect and provide for the rest of his life. 

     What I am trying to say to you is that a name is not important, it is the person, or persons, or team that we love that matters, not what the name may be.
    After marriage does not the blood of her father still flow through her veins, or the DNA and family habitual traits not still resides in her, just as it did before she changed her last name?  I ask you, is she not still your child?
    As we grow older, we must realize that in time all things changes.  That which was once young will become old.  That which was once strong will in time become weaker.  The star that shines so bright will one day flicker out.  Sometimes things change for good, other times for bad, but nothing ever remains the same.
    The question that we must sit down and ask ourselves is simply this, is it worth all the controversy and future controversy not to make a
     change that we all know will some day eventually come. 
    I know that you are a good soul and would not intentionally harm another, but yet sometimes
     we may find ourselves offending someone even when we do not mean to.  I ask, why take the chance,  even if you believe that most people think the name is all right, what about the ones who are offended by it. 
    Do we not already have enough to separate us in the country, questionable police shootings which people feel is racist related, Travon Martin, black having a higher arrest and sentencing in the country due to
     racism.  Why can't we work together to erase racism in this country then to have those few look at this as another racist attack against on innocent small minority. 
    There is an old saying that people always talking about the bad, but what about the good?  If a man saves ten lives, but then take one, he will be remembered not for the the ten good things he did, but only for the one bad thing. 
    Bill Clinton served eight years for this country,
     but whenever you hear his name, what comes to your mind is not all the good he did, but the wrong he did with Monica Lewinsky.  No one ever talks about the wonderful things that Nixon did, they only remember Watergate whenever his name is spoken.
    You my friend, have done too much to let anything as simple as this to place a mark upon your biography after achieving so much. 

     Accomplishments for yourself and for so many others. Starting with your college express airline business, wall board advertising, investment
     marketing, youngest CEO on NYSE, communication business, the list goes on and on. 
    A person like you have accomplished too much to allow a bad mark to be place upon such a stellar career.  You have achieved too much to allow
     anything like this taint your good name. 
    This is why I ask you to be a trailblazer and add another star in your biography as being the owner
     who set aside his own opinion and stood up and for the betterment for the team and the NFL, who decided to change the name not only for the good of
     all sports, but for the good of America. 
      In closing my friend, let me just say.  Would a rose not smell just as sweet, if it was to be called another name? 
           Gregory St.James Mundy